As I write this message to you, I’m just north of Dallas, Texas at a test facility and shop. Having had about six hours sleep in the past three days, I’m a little frazzled, but the results have been worth the investment of energy (and HOURS!).

The single goal for this trip to a foreign land (to me) is to prove my technology beyond a shadow of a doubt to everyone. Of course, I realize that is an impossibility, for there is always some who will cling to their doubt, just as there are people who still believe the Earth to be flat. Just google “Flat Earth Society” or “The Hollow Earth Society” and you’ll see very soon what I mean.

Despite evidences presented that are the most captivating-“Real People” citing in real words what they’re experiencing, it still takes some time for people to believe. It has to be proven before they can accept anything new, and that evidence has to be recreated time and again to achieve the goal: Faith in something new.

I want to ask you all to visit my site at and consider a contribution to my efforts. Most important is not the money-it’s the act giving that will show me you are someone who believes, as do I, that there is always a better way.

We just have to find it, that’s all!

Ron Hatton

June 19th, 2009

Aubrey, Texas