I started out years ago researching on ways to get the most out of a car engine. The most mileage, the most power, durability, the most speed, the highest return on investment.  Hydrogen as a fuel has its place. Plasma has its place. Tesla magnetic motors have their place, and now Throttle Body Mod 1-A has its place.

Fully reversible, the throttle body mod is the newest way to get more out of your engine than anything I’ve run across for the nominal effort and maximum benefit.  Check out what those who have had this done on their cars are saying on this blogsite about their experiences!

You can find out a little more at www.GadgetmansCoolCarMods.com.

If you’d like to feed the research, I invite you to chip in a dollar or two.

It’ll take only a minute and it’ll help a great deal.

Besides, when was the last time you were able to help a starving inventor and maybe change the world at the same time?


One Response to “About the Modification”

  1. Michael Hutchings Says:

    My name is Michael, from Perth, Western Australia. I received my modified throttle body back from Ron AKA Gadgetman on 17th August ’09 and installed it straight away into my 1998 TF Mitsubishi Magna Sports 3 Liter V6. Prior to the modification I was using approx 11 liters of 91RON unleaded per 100 kms.

    During the initial test drive, a flat spot was apparent during early acceleration and the engine shuddered when the car came to a stop, with RPM reducing to about 400, almost stalling the engine. This I assume was the TB re-establishing itself with all the other engine components to which it is connected with all the vacuum hoses and electrical connections.
    Anyhow those symptoms soon disappeared, and the following day I had to hook up a furniture trailer to help my daughter move house which threw all calculations out the window – 15.5L/100kms.

    I filled up the fuel tank again after losing the trailer to resume normal driving conditions, with the next fuel calculation revealing a slight increase in fuel consumption of .07L/100kms.

    I also did some pre-mod time trials of 0-100kmh resulting in 10.02secs with post-mod trials at 9.54secs, about 1/2 a second faster…

    Considering such small margins, the jury is still out on whether TBM1A is effective or not on my vehicle, but I understand that it may take several hundred kilometers/miles before this modification proves it’s worth.

    So the trial will continue, and the final verdict will be announced at a later date…

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